5 Solutions to Save Money on Your Health care insurance

Health reform was signed straight into law in 2010 and it used to make health care affordable plus much more accessible to more Americans.

Many provisions are meant to never start until year 2014. Current provisions have made medical plans more affordable and widened coverage for preventative care. Here are five ways that one could save money on your health care insurance today.

First is to look for health coverage the let you lock in your rates. Most health plans available let you lock in your rates for one year and some up to a couple of years. When shopping for health coverage seek out “rate guarantee”. Once the insurance company raises your monthly rate you’ll be able to you can shop again to identify a better rate.

Second look at receiving a health plan with higher tax deductible. Most health plans today give a high deductible for major car accident or illness and small copay for services that could be used more frequently. Most health plans with substantial deductible still cover you when you meet the deductible for medical professional office visits, preventative care (actual physical exams, yearly check ups) along with prescriptions. If you have a preexisting medical condition and would want to lower your monthly premium this can one of your best possibilities. Since insurance companies usually permit you to increase your deductible without under-going medical underwriting.

Third since health care reform there was some changes made to insurance. In some cases you can get the exact same health plan that you haven’t through your insurance company pertaining to less. If you have been insured with same insurer since March 2010 then check whenever they have the same health plans that you’ve now. Then find out if you will definitely save money by switching to your new health plan.

Forth, when shopping for private health insurance always consider a health plan with the benefits which you are required. A recent survey showed that average individual health care insurance customer save $77 a month after they selected health insurance plan with no maternity coverage. Excluding benefit similar to maternity, which is not needed for a single male, you may see significant savings in your regular premium. Going uninsured or limiting your benefits could possibly be a better choice then not having something more.

Fifth way that you can save on the health insurance is considering insurance with generic prescription drug insurance. Find out if you could get a health insurance in the area that excludes brand name substance coverage. If you rarely use prescription drugs and want entirely go without that coverage you just might save on your medical insurance plan. Most health plans today provide you with choice between having a coverage for both name drugs and generic drugs as well as only generics. In-case your doctor does order a brand name drug then chances are you can get a equivalent generic correctly.

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