Saving Medical: What Should It Look Similar to?

I believe the year 2011 are going to be pivotal in the battle on an affordable and workable Health Care system that will the United States.

If we will face your cold hard facts and build a clear understanding of what a model system appears to be, we can enjoy better individual health insurance and economic prosperity beyond anyone’s belief system to know. This first article of the modern Year will lay out exactly what a model system looks like and subsequent articles will offer more details of how you can move toward a system that truly works.

With an ill-conceived “Obamacare” system taking effect this coming year, with no benefits for several years, the time has come to switch my approach from “fixing” the system to “saving” the system. It’s not at all my style to “scare” men and women into action, but the simple fact remains, if we do not stop this “Obamanation” in whole, we are destined to become a third rate country with fiscal problems unlike anything our individuals have ever faced. Every single citizen needs to acquire involved now and stay involved for a considerably long time because there will always be people that seek power to control each of our lives. Look around and understand the symptoms. Already we have debt our grandchildren are going to be paying for, unemployment at never before seen levels and forecast to remain for years, freedoms neutralized or removed from us, and what do our leaders show? With obvious lies they tell us we are on target, and it will take years to generate things better (better pertaining to who? )#). We need to do this NOW because the longer we allow these conditions to remain, the more devastating they are going to be and the longer it should take to fix them.

So, let’s commence with a clear understanding of exactly what a workable system looks like. 1st, a free enterprise health proper care system that constantly adjusts to showcase conditions will best serve anyone. In other words, get politicians and government out of your business. Never in our history features any politician/government run program of any kind ever been successful, never!

The first task to better health: Un-elect politicians who claim they may provide a health care program in your case.

Second, each individual needs to be aware of they have an individual responsibility to look at better care of their wellbeing. Eating properly and exercising routinely will perform more to improve one’s health insurance and reduce future health problems when compared with any “co-pay health plan”.

Step two to better health: Purchase only “catastrophic medical plans”. Everyone needs to know that “co-pay plans” are not genuinely what they seem. These plans have the effect of grossly increasing costs and are just financial plans to pre-pay for medical care bills one may or may n’t need as determined by an insurer employee. It is my opinion that will eliminating these plans would reduce costs by just as much as 70% almost overnight.

Third, take the profit for lawyers out of your industry. Lawyers do absolutely nothing to further improve health care for anyone. Lawyers are just “vultures” hovering around hospitals seeking opportunities to sue someone.

Step three to better health: Individually we must figure out how to vote and elect only politicians who will support the very idea of taking all of the profit for lawyers out of your industry.

Fourth, everyone must assume personal responsibility because of their own health. Every individual has health concerns which have been specific for them and individually should produce learning to deal with these people. To assume one can get healthy by looking at a doctor, or a infirmary, or by taking drugs (of any kind), or being covered by health care insurance, is living in a wonderland world, it is not gonna happen. Each of us owns something will work to improve someone’s health, and that is your own body. It was marvelously created to serve every one of us and the better we manage it, the better the benefits.

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